Choosing Modern Kitchen Lighting Design

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Choosing Modern Kitchen Lighting Design

When choosing your kitchen lighting design, focus on functionality and style. While ceiling lights are great for general lighting, you should also consider the placement of task lights in key areas of the kitchen. This will give you the flexibility of localized lighting in specific areas. To maximize the functionality, choose modern kitchen lighting that can be controlled easily through the controls located on the ceiling. Here are some ideas for kitchen lighting design. We’ve listed several common mistakes that can ruin your lighting design.

String lights add a cozy glow to a room. But they aren’t appropriate for a more formal decor. In a kitchen designed by a classic kitchen lighting design company, dangling bulbs are used to capture the friendly twinkle of strings. The fixtures are arranged in a cluster in an artful fashion, adding a unique touch to the room. The dangling bulbs create an aesthetically pleasing effect, especially if you use several different styles in the same room.

You can also make your kitchen more dramatic by mixing form and illumination. One designer has designed a modern kitchen in San Francisco using largely white and light oak. She’s added some black and dark green pendant lights over her kitchen island. The contrast with the black and dark color creates a striking visual contrast. The kitchen lighting in this kitchen is also functional, enhancing texture and patina. And while lighting is important, don’t neglect to consider how much you enjoy it.

While kitchens are often called the heart of the home, it’s easy to overlook the impact that lighting has on the ambiance. Choosing the right lighting can set a cozy mood that makes even baking and early morning coffee rituals more pleasant. If you have the budget to replace your entire kitchen, consider the above tips for selecting the right lighting. You’ll be amazed at how easily a new light fixture can transform your kitchen.

When choosing the right lighting, match the style of the location. A colorful boxed light installation over a basin and an indoor herb garden adds a pop of color to the room. The same goes for a task lighting strip beneath the wall cabinet. Pendant lights are an excellent way to light up the dining area. They create an unmistakable design feature. The best way to use pendant lights is over a counter top.

The first two are bright, while the latter is softer and more subtle. Task lighting is best for cooking while mood and feature lighting adds a unique element to the design. These are the three types of lighting that most homeowners consider in kitchen design. While these types of lighting can make a difference in the look of your kitchen, they don’t have to break the bank. For more details on lighting design visit